TSR2015 Day 3 (LSL vs. Chaudiere)

Match #3: #LSL v #CHA (lac st louis v Chaudiere)
Result: 2:1 #LSL

What a difference a day of rest makes… this #LSL team came out today and meant business. Unlike wednesday’s start which was sluggish, today the girls were firing on all cylinders.. the possession and control was looking good early on and consistently. #LSL took the lead into the half.. #CHA tied it up inside the first 15mins of the 2nd and late half heroics and constant pressure got #LSL the much deserved lead and subsequent win. I truly believe the score line was the correct one. Two strong teams, one played better. Simple. The strategy brought into game 2 was evident again today as few substitutions occurred and a couple players didn’t see any game again. The difficult part of this whole ‘experience ‘ event.. difficult for everyone involved. Players, parents, coaches.

#LSL now gets to play for the gold on saturday 4pm start. This match will be a difficult one. #LSL defensive game will have to be top notch as Capitale has put in 10 goals in 3 matches.

Btw if u ever want to criticize a referee make sure that you are not sitting behind the referee evaluator!! Lol.. a couple parents that I was sitting with got a tongue lashing. Yessss.. referees are human beings… but in fairness there were some not so great calls and let’s face it, this guy evaluates referees… he will of course defend them.. It’s his job to do so. 🙂

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