TSR2015 Day 1 (LSL vs Montreal Concordia)

Match #1: #LSL v #MTL (lac st louis v montreal Concordia)
Result: 1:1 (Montreal wins PK)

My initial reaction this morning to seeing the Montreal team get on the field early was one of surprise.. The match was to start at 1045 but it was crazy hot and they were out on the pitch at 1015..my thought was that it was too soon given the heat and it would come back to haunt them. I was wrong.
The first half was pretty much uneventful.. quiet in a way in terms of play and chances. The #LSL team passing and possession game was spot on. #LSL took the 1:0 lead and carried that into the 2nd half.
The 2nd half was to be a difficult one for the #LSL team.. #MTL tied the match and continued pretty consistently to press the #LSL team creating several dangerous chances. Fortunately for #LSL #MTL could not capitalize. On the flip side #LSL was not able to create any scoring chances.
The match ended in a draw and PK was won 3:0 by #MTL. I can only guess that nerves got the best of the #LSL players as the first 3 failed to put the ball behind the goalie.

The back four 🙂