A source of inspiration…

I am proud to say that James Pantemis is one of our own here at the lakeshore soccer club… I also can say that I know his dad well… A goalie himself… When he was in his prime! Lol.. Anyway – this kid at what, 16, has been practically all over the world…well, maybe not all over the world but to quite a few places… He’s an outstanding player and clearly folks have taken notice… He’s now on the Canada M16 roster heading to Italy… Yes, Italy… The bastard!!!! Lol… I kid, I kid… Bastard… No. Really. I kid. Lol. What a lucky son of a gun. I look forward to keeping tabs on his adventure and will update the blog with whatever I read/hear… In the meantime here are a few links for anyone who’s interested…



#golakeshorego #gocanadago


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