It’s harder then it looks!

Yesterday I took out some of the team players who were available for an impromptu practice. I was the goalie and I had them run a few drills all of which ended with shooting on goal. One player cranked a shot that I misplayed. Try to figure out which finger took the worse of the shot? 😉

Ouch! That hurt!

Ouch! That hurt!

MU13AA: week of July 9th

Hey folks – here’s what’s on tap for this week…

Monday Jul 9th (tonight): practice (DEP/Fico) Beacon hill 6pm-7pm

Wednesday Jul 11th: practice Beacon Hill 7pm-830pm

Thursday Jul 12th: game v. pierrefonds city 1 7pm

Friday Jul 13th : practice (DEP/Fico) Beacon hill 7pm-830pm

Saturday Jul 14th: strength training 1030am-1130am (usual spot)

Sunday Jul 15th: practice ecclestone 1 930am-11am

What a stellar team!

Wow… It’s been such a long time since I actually blogged anything re this fantastic team I am honored to be coaching. I was messing with a blackberry playbook photo app last night and figured take this opportunity to post, even though it’s just for the sake of showing off this team with a simple photo. Our month of july, game-wise, is slow.. Not too many games compared to may and june so I will do my best to put out as many posts as I can during this ‘down’ period.