Last night’s friendly v. the Sabony All-Stars

Last night we had a friendly v. the sabony all-stars. A team of 12/13/14 year olds… They are from different clubs but all go to the sabony soccer school/camp. Apparently, they hadn’t lost a game yet. Well, they hadn’t lost until last night that is, when they crossed paths with us ;). We’ve had 5 games thus far and last night was by far our best performance. I wonder if the label ‘all-stars’ was additional motivation for our team but they were phenomenal. From beginning to end. We won the game 2-1 but it could have easily been 5-1… And the goal we gave up was a gift of sorts.

* Update * confirmation received that the Sabony all-stars had won their previous 4 games.

Our next challenge is FC Boreal

We’ve had a small break on the game front… And some pretty good practices since our last game. We look ready for our next opponent this coming saturday in st eustache. We’ve never crossed paths with this team so I don’t really have a scouting report on them. Well, that’s not entirely true. I was given a heads up from the manager of Rosemere Adrenaline. I will keep that to myself and just see how it turns out on saturday ;). Game time is 7am! You read this right! Bright and early. Should be interesting to see how the team fares. It’s the earliest game we’ve had thus far.

The difficulties of coaching soccer in Canada | Sports

“As a Canadian national youth team coach you have no time and so when your players arrive to training three times a week with pot bellies you have no choice but to get them fit first and foremost – otherwise you cannot compete even at a minimal level,” he writes.

Star players, coddled by families and coaches, also proved to be a problem.”When youre coaching Canada, with limited technical resources, you gamble on players that do have technical ability but poor attitudes and approach, or immature attitudes and approach,” James said in an interview.

– Paul James

First friendly where i felt a tad disappointed…

Last night we had a scheduled 6pm game at the lachine complexe and somehow there was confusion with Metro League which had 3 scheduled games as well. After some negotiations and maybe 20 mins later we were finally given the field. Our game was against Chomedey; a formidable opponent and for the first time in 3 games I felt that we failed to execute as a team. Not everyone showed up to play. It wasn’t a team effort and that was difficult to accept. In this case, the team needs to thank their goalie for keeping them in the game. Were it not for him the result would have been a lot worse then the 2-0 loss. Anyway – we move forward. We have a small break from games until the 18th of Feb… But we practice, practice, practice until then.